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Accept all decentralized identity wallets on your platform

For user onboarding, document signing and login.

Fast and frictionless onboarding with digital ID wallets

As a result of the forthcoming EU regulation, citizens and businesses of EU member states will be provided with ID wallets. This will lead to the availability of at least 27 ID wallets in the market soon.


Digital Identity wallets provide a simple, secure, and quick way for your customers to share their identity data with consent. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as verifying identities, signing documents, or authenticating your customers. Our platform offers a unified solution that simplifies the process of accepting various digital wallets on your website or online service.

Our platform uses open standards, including OAuth, OpenID Connect Core, and W3C Verifiable Credentials, to enable fast, simple, and interoperable integration. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into your website or online service using any open-source OpenID Connect library that is available in multiple programming languages or simply use our open-source SDK that will be available soon!

Our product

Select the data you want verified. It's that easy.

With our platform, you can easily create smooth onboarding, document signing, or login experiences. Integrating our platform into your system is a breeze and can be accomplished within minutes by utilizing any OpenID Connect library available to quickly connect to our infrastructure. You can also utilize Ver.iD Studio to design an onboarding flow and select the desired attributes that you want to use in your onboarding, authentication or signature request with ease.

Our solutions

We provide solutions for all types of identity verification

The benefits

Business benefits

With our platform, you can eliminate the identity verification bottlenecks that often hinder conversions. Say goodbye to outdated practices such as paper copies, costly biometric verification, and time-consuming manual due diligence processes. Our solution provides a streamlined approach to identity verification, allowing for a frictionless customer experience that translates into higher conversion rates. Simply integrate our platform into your website or online service and start reaping the benefits.

Customer benefits

Your customers can quickly and easily verify their identities using Digital ID wallets, without the hassle of manual form filling or lengthy and manual onboarding procedures. With just one app and a QR code, identity data can be shared seamlessly. Our studio enables you to create customized and secure onboarding processes that cater to the unique needs of your customers.

Fast and frictionless onboarding with multiple digital ID wallets. We decomplex identity verification!

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