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With our platform you can connect all digital ID wallets to your website

User friendly, fast and compliant.

Fast and frictionless onboarding with digital ID wallets

You must verify the identity of your customers in order to comply with KYC, DAC7 and other regulations. Digital ID wallets are the simplest, safest, and fastest way for your clients to share their identity information with consent. Every EU member state has at least one digital ID wallet, adding up to a minimum of 27 digital ID wallets in use. With our software you can connect all digital ID wallets to your website.

Our product

Select the data you want verified. It's that easy.

Our software produces a QR code or link you publish on your website.

Our solutions

We provide solutions for all types of identity verification

The benefits

Business benefits

Our solution works with multiple ID wallets on the market. We ensure that our software meets the strictest technical and compliance standards. There’s nothing complicated about integration. Just write a few lines of code or install a plugin and you’re done.  


Eliminate identity verification bottlenecks that are killing your conversions. Paper copies, expensive biometric verification and long manual due diligence processes are history. 


Customer benefits

Digital ID wallets make identity verification fast and frictionless for your customers. No more manual filling in of forms and long onboarding processes. Instead, the simple use of 1 app and 1 QR code to share identity data. Use our flow builder to create highly personalized flows for onboarding your customers safe and secure


Fast and frictionless onboarding with multiple digital ID wallets. We decomplex identity verification!

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