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About us

Decomplexing identity

Our story

Ver.iD is dedicated to simplifying the onboarding process by removing complexities in identity verification. Our vision is centered on providing citizens and businesses with greater control over their data. In our view, utilizing digital wallets for identity verification represents the most effective solution.


We believe that the traditional methods of identity verification are often cumbersome and time-consuming. By leveraging digital wallets, we provide a streamlined approach that allows for quicker and more efficient identity verification. Our platform supports multiple digital wallets, enabling customers to choose the wallet that works best for them.


At Ver.iD, we are committed to ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance for our platform. We adhere to strict technical and compliance standards to ensure that our solution is both secure and reliable. Our platform can be integrated into your website or online service with ease, allowing you to provide a frictionless onboarding experience for your customers.

About Ver.ID

As digital ID wallets are currently not interoperable across different applications, sectors, or countries, the potential for chaos looms. Recognizing this challenge, Ver.iD has developed a compatibility layer that allows businesses to integrate and aggregate wallets, while also securely verifying credentials.


Our solution provides a standardized approach to identity verification that eliminates the need for businesses to navigate the complexities of different digital wallet systems. With Ver.iD, businesses can easily integrate various wallets, enabling customers to use the wallet of their choice for identity verification.


Our compatibility layer is designed to ensure the highest levels of security and compliance. We utilize advanced encryption technologies to safeguard sensitive customer data, while also adhering to strict technical and compliance standards. By utilizing Ver.iD, businesses can provide a seamless and secure onboarding experience for their customers, while also benefiting from increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Growing a Business that is
good for the society

In order to attain sustainable development goals, it is crucial that we prioritize effective civil service and foster a participatory population. By ensuring that citizens have access to a competent and efficient civil service, we can empower them to take an active role in shaping their communities and contributing to sustainable development efforts.

The team

Our team based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven is comprised of skilled professionals who exhibit a strong dedication to their work, maintain a positive outlook, and possess a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We prioritize generosity over self-interest, striving to contribute to the greater good in all that we do.

Our company is entering an exciting next phase

In 2022 we bootstrapped and focused on problem market fit and a minimum viable product. Now our first product is market ready and in 2023 we can fully focus on clients in the Netherlands. Our two-year strategy is servicing the EU market.



Join us

In the current phase we like to meet new investors to provide risk capital for the next phase. We will issue medium sized tickets in the form of convertible loans.


Our information deck and investor memorandum are available for potential investors.


Interested in receiving investor information?


Robert van Altena
+31 6 53 73 60 80

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Fast and frictionless onboarding with multiple digital ID wallets. We decomplex identity verification!

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