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Business verification

Meet KYC regulations
using digital ID wallets

Under Know Your Customer (KYC) laws, financial institutions are required to obtain credentials that prove the identity of businesses. The Dutch National Bank advocates digital ID verification to be compliant with financial regulations, if applied in a risk controlled manner (including data protection and privacy).

The demo does not process or store your personal or company data. Ver.iD has no access to your data.

Verify and report

With our solution your organization collects and verifies data of your customer businesses using their digital ID wallet. Both for private retail customers and for representatives of companies. 


No need anymore to go the traditional paper driven route. Or to ask your customers to scan a passport or ID-card, do a live photo verification, obtain company extracts or fill out forms. No need anymore to verify many documents for one identification check. 


Our software empowers you to plug into all digital ID wallets. So you can verify your customers in a user friendly, fast, compliant and cost friendly way. With their explicit consent!

Simply integrate multiple digital ID wallets on your website

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Fast and frictionless onboarding with multiple digital ID wallets. We decomplex identity verification!

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